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Seasons of a life is a story of hope. A journey of not giving up when it counts and of giving up when it truly counts. It is a story of an orphan who rises above all odds to reclaim what is rightfully hers, only to give it up because divinity requires of her to do so. Following her on this somewhat tumultuous and somehow peaceful journey is the music contained in this soundtrack.

Composed by Overtoun Chimombo, one of Malawiís contemporary gifted composers, with the help of the movie director C. Shemu Joyah and several others including graduates of the University of Malawi, the soundtrack is a collection of 15 well crafted songs, rich in both their message and their arrangement.

1. Chenjera


The song advises girls to be cautious when tempted. It is used in the movie when Sungisa is working at the Kaliraís house while Thoko the wife, is away on duty for days, leaving the husband and the maid in temptations.

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2. Usalire

Literally, donít cry. The song pleads to Mwai, Sungisaís son, not to cry after the court orders that he be removed from her present home to her biological mother.

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3. Moyo Wamunthu

Born or unborn, life is equally precious. This track tries to advise against the ill-practice of terminating the life of an unborn child which some regard as valueless.

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4. Mbiriyo

In most cases, the spread of news of scandalous acts depends on oneís position both in society and at work. This is the track which introduces the whole movie; thereby raising anxiety among viewers to keep speculating about which story this could be that has gone far and wide like bushfire.

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5. Nthawi Zina

An orphan recalls the wonderful and memorable times when her parents were still alive. It also describes how difficult life can be without parents.

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6. Sungi

In direct reference to Sungisa the housemaid, ĎSungií talks about the importance of being focused and strong-minded on the principle values of humanity. After falling pregnant, and later being forced by her boss to have an abortion, Sungisa is further urged by this track not to succumb to the pressure but rather, realize that what she has inside her is a real human being.

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7. Malengedwe

Appreciating Godís ultimate craftsmanship in the creation of a woman. This is the track which in the movie acknowledges the beauty of the once orphaned housemaid-cum-lawyer SUNGISA, when DR. THEMBA NKHOMA begins to make advances towards her.

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8. Chala chapita

Undermining the outcome of some slight miscalculations in life can sometimes be so haunting to bear, is the literal meaning of this track. In the movie, it is used when signs start showing that Sungisa is impregnated, presumably by her boss, MR. KONDANI KALIRA.

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9. Nyadila

Anyone achieving success after hard work has good reason to celebrate. In the movie, Sungisa is no exception as the track is used when she starts her studies in college and later graduates.

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10. Ndimangolira

When everything seems lost, shedding a tear appears to be the immediate alternative to relieve the excess pain from oneís mind. But to the contrary, endurance and determination are the only practical forces to excellence. This track, mostly used in the movie in sad and emotional moments, tries to soothe and uplift the spirits of the broken-hearted.

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11. Tayesa Kupilira:

From a typical nobody to a force as Sungisa was, the track encourages the hardworking never to give up but to fight on until they realize their destiny. In the movie, the track is used to encourage the determined Sungisa to see no limit in her pursuit for excellence, as she goes into college campus for her University education.

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12. Lu-lu-lu mwana

A lullaby normally sang to children when they cry. This track turned Sungisaís fortune as she was able to make the child stop crying when she sang it at her first interview at the Kaliras. She instantly impressed the Kaliras and was given the job as a housemaid.

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13. Mpaka lero

Expresses the depth of the feeling of being childless. Used in the movie when THOKO breaks down into tears as she desperately presses her husband, KONDANI for a child after over two years of marriage without one. It is used again in the background as she adopts YAMIKANI from the Orphanage.

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14. Ine toto

Standing firm against all forms of sexual abuse in young girls is particularly advised. This track is used in the movie when Sungisa tries to plead with Mr. Kalira to stop touching her breasts and forcing her to have sex with him.

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15. Zinali Nthano

Some misfortunes in life come long after a wonderful living that it sometimes becomes difficult to believe itís happening. When Kondani accepts and takes responsibility of Sungisaís pregnancy, apparently things will start falling apart in his otherwise stable family. Used in the movie as he constantly comes to financially assist the pregnant Sungisa at her auntís place and later after the child is born.

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